What We Offer

Why Choose CWI?

Our Ethos-Expertise-Energy

ETHOS: We are passionate about helping people flourish and reach their full potential in communities and in multicultural workplace settings. We know that many communities labeled as  “hard-to-reach”  are in fact the “hardly reached” populations. 

EXPERTISE: We are a highly-seasoned and diverse multidisciplinary team with a global mindset whose work is rooted not only in academic learning, but more importantly  in lived experiences combined  with  an understanding of the realities on the ground.

ENERGY: We are fueled by optimism, compassion, empathy, and fun. We believe people learn best when they are feeling  heard, understood, and tremendously acknowledged. 

Organizations who have Trusted Us

CWI’s team members have a long history of working nationally and internationally. The organizations our team members have served include:

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