Curriculum Design


Curriculum Design

The CWI team has expertise and a long history of designing customized, and revising and upgrading existing, curricula for health care organizations and government agencies at the local, national, and international level. With stakeholders, we identify strengths, determine systematic and capacity building needs, and design curricula to enhance and address them directly and effectively. CWI’s training designers are master’s -level state-licensed educators who have designed dozens of curricula aimed at building the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of community health workers (CHWs), health care providers, and administrators. CWI also provides training-of-trainer support so that organizations are equipped to build capacity internally.  

Our Approach 

CWI takes pride in supporting lasting change that can be sustained by our clients once our part of the project is completed. We value the importance of including all stakeholders’ voices at the table from funders and management to frontline staff and people being served and communities to be impacted. To this end, we may seek input through individual informant interviews of key people identified at each level, or through focus groups and surveys.  

Understanding the importance of both Adult Learning Principles and organizational readiness, we develop our curricula and trainings with a sharp focus on the intended impact, measures of success, practical deliverables, and positive outcomes driving the need for the training. By knowing where we are going, how to help adult learners get there, and why, we ensure that the necessary knowledge, and skills are imparted in any given training AND ensure that the necessary organizational structures and processes are in place to successfully utilize, integrate, implement, measure, and build from that learning.  While we believe that individual edification is rewarding and useful in and of itself, as change agents we believe that there is greater impact when a training is created to meet specific organizational needs with buy-in and readiness to incorporate and thrive with that knowledge organizationally.   

Evaluation is a core component of our work. With stakeholders, from the first day of project work to long after we have passed on the baton, we put evaluation measures in place to make sure the deliverables are hitting the mark and project goals are being met. Attention to process measures upfront, and determining and collecting essential data points throughout, allow for programmatic correction and refinement.    

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