Who are your trainings for?

Our trainings are primarily for those who work as Community Health Workers (CHWs), with CHWs, or those wanting to enter the field. This includes all of the categories that fall under the umbrella of a CHW. Included are CHWs, Promotores, Community Health Ambassadors, Supervisors,  Managers, Peer Recovery Coaches, Peer Specialists, Nurses, Educators, and those seeking entry into community health careers. 

At this time we offer courses or workshops to health systems, government agencies, educational institutions, addiction treatment centers, community health centers and more. We do not offer courses to individuals. Contact us using the form below!

Do you offer in-person or online trainings?

We offer in-person, online via ZOOM, and asynchronous courses or a combination of all three. We are flexible and willing to work with you based on your needs.

How many people can participate in a training?

We have found that 20 to 26 people are ideal for most courses with a minimum of 12 – 15. We want to maximize learning for everyone and have found that our large and small group activities and discussions work well with these numbers. However, we are happy to speak with you more about what your needs are. We are flexible and have done trainings for as many as 100 to 200 people and as few as five or six.

Do you offer certificates on course completion?

Yes. We offer certificates of completion that include the date, number of hours, and type of training.

Do you provide training courses outside of Massachusetts?

Yes! We are available both in-person and via ZOOM for courses outside of Massachusetts. ZOOM courses can be arranged easily, while in-person courses will need a bit more time to arrange.

Are any of your courses available as train-the-trainer programs?

Yes. We offer train the trainer programs for some of our courses. If you are interested in a train-the-trainer option, please indicate this when you fill out the form below.

How do we schedule a training?

Just send us a message indicating the training you are interested in, number of participants, and your time frame. We will get back to you within 48 hours and arrange a time to meet with you via phone or ZOOM. We have included a contact form below for your convenience.

What trainings or courses are you interested in?(required)

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