CHW Core Competency Course

CHW Core Competency Course – 12 Modules

CWI offers an 80-hour course fully aligned with the standards set forth by the Massachusetts CHW Board of Certification. We devote 64-hours to the 10 state-required core competency topics. An additional 16-hours will be dedicated to special topics that you may select to meet the particular needs of your organization.

The course may be delivered in a variety of formats ranging from fully in-person to a remote option delivered via ZOOM. We also offer a self-paced version of the course whereby 9 of the 12 sessions can be completed at the convenience of the learner, with 3 sessions delivered in real time, either in-person or via ZOOM. Each module is also available as a stand alone topic that can be delivered in-person or remotely via ZOOM.

Training Schedule

We will work with you to arrange the optimal training schedule. While most organizations prefer to have the course delivered one full-day per week over 12 consecutive weeks, other possibilities may include delivering the course twice weekly, over several consecutive days, or bi-weekly.

Teaching Methods

This highly engaging and interactive course was designed to enhance learning and knowledge through use of evidence-based effective approaches for adult learners. These methods include the use of polls, games, self-reflection, small group work, individual work, videos, large group discussions, brainstorming, and case studies. Because we understand that people learn differently, our instructors are accessible to the participants to provide individualized support as needed to help ensure their ability to successfully complete the course.

Who participates in our courses?

CHWs, Promotores, Doulas, Community Health Representatives, Supervisors,  Managers, Peer Recovery Coaches, Peer Specialists, Nurses, Educators, and those seeking entry into community health careers.   

CHW Core Competencies

Professional Roles, Skills, & Conduct

Public Health Concepts & Approaches

Outreach Methods & Strategies

Effective Communication

Culturally Responsive Care

Documentation Skills

Individual & Community Assessment

Care Coordination & Systems Navigation

Education to Promote Healthy Behavior Change

Community Capacity Building & Advocacy

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