Facilitation Skills

Group Facilitation Skills (30-hrs) 

Participants in this course will learn the basics of group facilitation. Instruction will involve dynamic group exercises, experiential role plays, and discussion-based learning. Topics covered in this course includes group dynamics; types and purposes of groups; overcoming barriers to successful facilitation; public speaking skills; key factors among groups, stages of group work, developing a group culture; cultural considerations in group work; building and maintaining safety; facilitation techniques; preparing to facilitate a group; working effectively with a co-facilitator; ethical considerations; and evaluating effectiveness. 

CHW Core Competency Training-of-Facilitators* (40 hrs) 

This course helps prepare CHWs to serve as facilitators of CHW competency courses. It builds on the knowledge and skills gained from CWI’s Group Facilitation Course, but with a specific focus teaching the core skills recommended by the C3 Project which identifies a set of contemporary roles, skills, and qualities common across the CHW workforce nationally. While there is not a national standard training for CHWs, findings from the CDC Policy Evidence Report indicate that CHW core competency training is a strong evidence-based strategy to support the work of CHWs. The topics covered include communication skills, relationship building, service coordination and navigation, capacity building, advocacy, individual and community assessment, outreach, professional skills and conduct, and evaluation and research skills.  

*It is highly recommended, but not required,  that participants in this course complete the 30-hr Group Facilitation Skills course prior to joining. 

Motivational Interviewing (6-12 hrs) 

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based, person-centered approach that involves enhancing people’s motivation to change. Topics covered in this course include recognizing and responding to ambivalence; behavior change theory; core principles of motivational interviewing; evoking change talk; stages of change; conducting an MI interview; rolling with resistance; and MI tools (e.g., OARS, ICAN, DARN-C.). Participants will practice applying MI strategies that can be incorporated into their practice. The 12-hr version of this course is available to increase the opportunities for participants to practice MI techniques in small groups. 

Organizations that have worked with our team:

  • Public Health Commission
  • South Africa Ministry of Health
  • CHEC Lowell
  • Vinfen
  • New Hampshire Training Institute on Addiction Disorders. 
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