The CWI team is a group of seasoned consultants informed by their first-hand experience as frontline workers and leaders in healthcare organizations. We combine a systems-thinking approach with our knowledge of best practices in the field. We believe that solutions to problems come, not only from highly credentialed experts with academic and professional experience, but through expertise rooted in the lived experiences of people from historically underserved communities.

Who takes our courses?

CHWs, Promotores, Community Health Representatives, Supervisors,  Managers, Peer Recovery Coaches, Peer Specialists, Nurses, Educators, and those seeking entry into community health careers.   

CWI believes that practical and implementable solutions are realized when working side by side with the people most impacted by the problem. Our approach is to plan with, not for, the community and we are unwavering in our commitment to work toward the flourishing of communities that have often existed on the margins.

We offer trainings locally, nationally, and globally with a relationship-centered focus.

The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world

Dr. Paul Farmer

Let’s work together!

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