Individual & Community Assessment


Assessment is the collection, synthesis, and use of information to help understand the needs, strengths, and resources of the individuals and communities CHWs serve. CHWs share this information with clients, professional colleagues, and community partners to help plan and carry out effective programs, services, and advocacy based on shared priorities. They engage people in honest and often difficult discussions about health status and behavior. They also gain insights about needed resources and changes and share their understanding with appropriate parties in order to help achieve desired outcomes. Assessment is an ongoing process that, when combined with regular evaluation of progress, helps assure effective, client and community-centered care.

During our training, participants will learn to:
  • Gather and combine information from different sources to better understand clients, their families and their communities
  • Assess barriers to accessing health care and other services
  • Help people to identify their goals, barriers to change, and supports for change, including personal strengths and problem-solving abilities
  • Share community assessment results with colleagues and community partners to inform planning and health improvement efforts
  • Continue assessment as an on-going process, taking into account changes in client circumstances and the CHW-client relationship
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