Mental Health Topics

Mental Health Overview  

This course serves as a standard resource for increasing the capacity of non-clinical frontline workers to support people who have a diagnosed mental illness or experiencing mental health challenges. Throughout the training emphasis will be placed on the importance of providing support that is appropriate for non-clinical professionals. In this training we will cover the impact of mental illness and stigma; historical and cultural perspectives of mental illness; substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders; trauma-informed approaches; anxiety; depression; bipolar disorder; psychosis; self-care; and vicarious trauma. 

Substance Use Disorder Overview 

This course aims to build the capacity of people in helping professions apply practical tools designed to improve practices related to supporting individuals with substance use disorder. It is specifically designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities in substance use treatment that CHWs may face. In this training we will cover the impact of substance use disorders; myths, stereotypes, and stigma; the war on drugs; effective vs. ineffective messaging; person-first language, co-occurring disorders, addiction as a disease, opiates, opioids, marijuana, alcohol, stimulants, and benzodiazepines; safer injecting; recognizing an overdose, stages of alcoholism, and motivational interviewing approaches.

Organizations that have trusted us:

  • New Hampshire Training Institute on Addiction Disorders
  • MassGeneral Brigham
  • Vinfen
  • John Snow International
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