Documentation Skills


CHWs help promote coordinated and effective services by documenting their work activities, including writing summaries of client and community assessments. They often present information to agency colleagues or community partners about their clients and issues they face. Generally in Massachusetts, CHWs use computer technology and communicate in English, but alternative arrangements may be made in order to utilize valuable linguistic capacities, cultural experience, and community relationships that individual CHWs may bring to their work.

During our training, participants will learn to:
  • Organize one’s thoughts and write at the level necessary for communicating effectively with clients, other community members, supervisors, and other professional colleagues
  • Comply with reporting, record keeping, and documentation requirements in one’s work
  • Use appropriate technology, such as computers, for work-based communication, according to employer requirements
  • Recognize the importance of documentation to program evaluation and sustainability and to helping clients achieve their goals
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